Back at It’s All Academic Festival 2019

Take a Hydrogen-Powered Car for a Spin
October 3, 2019
Building Furniture from Waste
October 10, 2019

PPL PWR had the pleasure to be back at It’s All Academic (IAA) festival, at University College London (UCL), 5 October 2019. It was the third edition of the festival, and the second participation of PPL PWR. IAA offers a wonderful display of what the UCL community has to offer.

The PPL PWR roadshow displayed: a solar powered laboratory & 3D Printer; our famous solar tea shop; DIY wind turbines; hand-powered racing pads; a self-watering plant system; and air pollution sensors.

A big hit was the new terrarium workshop that thrilled both young and old alike.

It’s always a pleasure to take part to IAA with its friendly and festive atmosphere. It offers a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge on renewables with such a wide audience and inspire youth to study sciences.

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