EOED Community Field Trip

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October 4, 2021
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October 22, 2021

PPL PWR Members we’re invited to an exciting field trip to Barking, East London, to see the pioneering work of participatorycity.org and their Every One Every Day (EOED) neighbourhood programme.

EOED Project Designer & Greening Coordinator Louis Rutherford met us at Barking Station and took the team down to see the Barking Every One Every Day shop before dropping in on 2 resident-led street parties in the area!

Around the area, the EOED programme has repurposed multiple shops into drop-in community centres, supporting residents to run their own projects to teach their fellow residents news skills and to meet each other.

Louis provided a history and tour of the area, before taking us to Gascoign estate’s new community garden to check out the winter harvest of beetroots and kohlrabi.

From there we set off down the river and towards a street party, where residents were building a raised vegetable garden and holding an open session on where to install new benches and bins along the river bank.

Sawing, drilling, ping pong and volleyball were all on the agenda as the residents, young and old, welcomed the PPL PWR community and broke bread over home made biryani and soup.

By the end of the day all were fed, the containers were finished and all waved a cheery goodbye.

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