PEA Awards 2016

PPL PWR headed to Brighton for the PEA awards; a celebration of heroes and their companies making the world a better and greener place – And we had managed to get tickets!

Valley Fest 2016

PPl PWR was invited to host the Green Tipi, home to everything sustainable! With support from Naivtron, we were able to showcase turbines, solar panels, Adam’s home-made generators, hydeogen fuel cells and Comp-A-Tent’s compostable materials – it was an AMAZING event! Thanks to Jarvis for getting us in! Read about it here.

Brainchild Festival 2016

OMG! Our first event and we were so nervous! The Hydrogen Fuel cell guys are old hats at this, but the 3m tall Comp-A-Tent stage made us nervous! Still, it turned out wonderfully! What a great festival, thanks Marina! Read about it here.