Green Man 2019

Building Furniture from Waste
October 10, 2019
Sketching – St Paul’s Way Trust
October 16, 2019

It was PPL PWR’s second appearance at Greenman, and once again, even more knowledge was shared! A festival full of clouds, music, dance, and renewable energy!

PPL PWR came prepared for everything: a solar panel that charged the phones of helpless festival goers, the solar tea shop that gave some warm tea to wet people (it got to 72℃ even with clouds), out symbolic DIY wind turbine totem, a lot of paper for the children to draw how they want their sustainable future to be, and our most popular demo this year: the Sustainability Quiz! One thing is for sure, you don’t need to be a grown up to understand how renewable energy works! (either that or welsh kids are geniuses!).

PPL PWR gives a big shout out to all the people that came to see our demos and engaged in the most interesting manner. They all came with questions and proposals that make us enjoy what we do most: share knowledge! The children were refreshing, with crazy ideas that will shape the future, to grown ups who came to share which technology they have implemented in their houses and barges. Reminding us how accessible these technologies can be when you are committed to be green! And to every other lost person that was curious enough to ask, “What’s this?” and stayed for a good session of “Well, let me explain…”

After a good day of sharing and caring, the crew behind PPL PWR got to enjoy the magnificence of Greenman, the vibe of 40k+ of people creating energy through smiles and dance! With great food, great music and joyful people all ready to have a chat about life! Let’s not forget The Comet is Coming, that reminded all of us how one day we will fulfil PPL PWR’s destiny and power a festival with the heat generated from a corwd dancing as if there’s no tomorrow!

PPL PWR is ready for next year, thinking about how we are going to engage more and more with festival goers, thinking about workshops (solar, terraria, wind turbines), and improving the Sustainability Quiz! We’ve got to make it more challenging!

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