Solar Energy – St Paul’s Way Trust

Introduction – St Paul’s Way Trust
March 13, 2019
A Whirl”Wind” Workshop– St Paul’s Way Trust
April 1, 2019

Molkie, Katya and I were at the room waiting for the students to come – the nerves were high…

The teachers told the kids that it would start at 4:00 and just before the clock struck 4:00… there were only 4 kids! Still, filled with a frenzied energy, Molkie decided to start the workshop Boxer style – running into the ‘ring’ with a voiceover from yours truly.

With some complications around the materials needed, the team ran with a Plan B, created by Josh and Paul pulling apart solar garden lights the night before, the real solar cells arrived at 4:10 to the school (delivered by Usain “Josh” Bolt, with a record-breaking of 35 minutes from UCL to the school).

Having material, students and the right attitude from all, the solar team managed to play, teach and create a hands-on, practical time with those 4 kids! We all learned from Paul’s wisdom on solar energy; were delighted with the way Katya empathised with the students and were enthused by Molkie’s energy in leading the class!! I was there to create chaos with the students to see if we could explode an LED light!

After 90 minutes, we had finished the workshop, we had finished this highly practical and hands-on class, and shown what solar was about! I have to say, the Powerpoint was the least used material of the workshop. It provided guidance, but most of the workshop was carried through our hands and minds!

And as per new tradition, we went to debrief with Josh.

Lessons Learned

What’s the best lesson learned:
1) It doesn’t matter how many kids there are, it’s how they are that makes this so special.
2) Making them discover things while they get to feel the material, build something and talk about it doing so it’s the best process to make them learn.

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