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November 6, 2018
Solar Energy – St Paul’s Way Trust
March 15, 2019

Josh and I arrived on time and they took us to a science lab (where we will be having the workshops). To our surprise, only 2 people showed up at the beginning!

Fortunately, 5 more kids joined the workshop after 15 minutes and Olivia (SPWT liaison) told us that this week they have the Duke of Edinburgh award (I think most of you know what it is), so many of the 12 children were not able to come; but they are still interested in the workshops. So it turns out this wasn’t the best week to start the workshops!

We also got informed that the workshops need to be carried out before, given that the children finish at 3:30 and they cannot stay around until 4:30, so we pushed for a 3:45 start.

After talking to the teachers, they informed us that there are around 11-12 students that are going to come. So, I think it felt a bit of an anti-climax because of the expectations that we had, but apparently, we will get the big group soon. Also, we pushed forward the idea of telling their friends about it. Hopefully they found the workshop interesting and use some peer pressure for more students to come!

Now, after that bittersweet start, we felt that the workshop went well. They are amazing kids, young and eager to learn; they fuelled our batteries (ahhh) to give the best workshop! There is also a group of teenagers, they know stuff, but they have tennager ‘attitude’. They just need a little push to engage with the workshops.

They are all very interested in engineering and renewable energy. We emphasised all the possible cool stuff they could develop. They started shy and then participated more and more. So, I think it will get pretty exciting!!!!

It was very insightful to see what truly happens and we can for sure optimise plenty of things. I’ll be there to see how the workshops go, and feel free to comment on anything you think would be better, or any action needed from us.

The overall score of the workshop was positive, it was very nice to see those faces and see that they are interested and happy with our ethos and what we are doing for them. You will see it soon, get all the energy that you need and let’s make these workshop the best experiences for them and for us!

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