PPL PWR at It’s All Academic Festival

Green Man Festival 2018
August 30, 2018
Working with the Royal Academy of Engineering
November 6, 2018

It’s PPL PWR’s fifth appearance at a festival this year doing what we like most: empowering people to become active citizens and create positive change. How? Through our interactive demos on renewable energy.

For this event we showcased 5 features. Frank the van, a sustainable way to live off grid and travel harmoniously through life. Our Solar Thermal tea shop, giving out coffee and tea while showing the audience a marvellous yet simple way of getting energy through the sun (even in London weather!). A thermoelectric hand set, demonstrating how we are energy (body heat) and how we can transform it into electrical energy… a real highlight of the event! A self-watering plant system where we evaluate the humidity of the soil to make sure plants are in the best condition to grow, after all plants give us life! And the air pollution sensor, displaying how the quality of our air is important in our everyday life and help create better environments where we can live without the damaging pollution of the city.

Moving from Brown lives, to Green!

It was fun, the public was interactive, dynamic and full of wonderful insights that they shared with us! Kids were the mainstay of the audience, sharing crazy ideas that we can really learn from to develop better (and even more fun) ways to change our brown energy lives to more sustainable ones. As part of the PPL PWR initiative, we want to show how being scientists or engineers (or any other profession that tackles environmental problems) is cool and accessible and therefore promote new generations to develop themselves in these wonderful fields of study.

We managed to get more visibility, incredible people want to volunteer with us, for fun or to take charge in promoting sustainable ways of living. And best of all, was the teamwork! PPL PWR people are always making sure that we deliver the best possible outcome we can offer. We are a group of interested, prepared and energetic people that want to show the world what we can do to get energy in the greenest way… if that is achieved, our mission is accomplished!

Want to see PPL PWR at your event?

If you want to see us in action, we will be back for Bloomsbury festival on the 27th of October: Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates and make sure to spend good, quality time learning and having fun with PPL PWR on their roadshow!

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