The PPL PWR Roadshow 2018

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February 7, 2018
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February 18, 2018

The PPL PWR Roadshow takes science from the lab to the people, showcasing the world of renewable energy through its mad-hat range of DIY contraptions at festivals. The focus is on the ingenious engineering behind renewable technologies; from Adam’s DIY wind turbines and bicycle-powered blender to Anna’s Solar Thermal Tea Shop and Josh’s Hydrogen-powered cinema. We’ve got Molkie’s off-grid campervan conversion, Amanda’s 3m compostable tipi and the Neon Litter Movement performances.

Set to a backdrop of these punk-engineering machines, the PPL PWR team provides inspiring and educational workshops in its compostable tipi stage. Alongside these, the PPL PWR team engages an audience from 8 to 80, with its table-top demos and answers to any questions the showpieces inspire.

For the kids, the Roadshow plants the seeds, through crazy demos, for a love of all things STEM; for adults, it’s opportunity to interact with the latest renewable technologies, see how they fit into everyday life and be empowered to make their own.

PPL PWR has been growing its roadshow since 2016, expanding both it’s team and projects, to now include collaborations between UCL, CSM, Loughborough and Cambridge Universities; businesses such as Camplight, Comp-A-Tent and Sea Court at festivals such as Brainchild, Greenman and ValleyFest. With funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering, the PPL PWR Roadshow is now seeking to reach out to festivals to both inspire and awe new audiences.

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