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November 4, 2019
19 students + 3 ideas = a lot of fun and knowledge! – St Paul’s Way Trust
November 14, 2019

On the chilly afternoon before Bonfire night 2019, Martha, Natacha, Lauren and Becky rocked up to St Paul’s Way Trust  with goodies and resources in hand for the Final Design workshop in the Royal Academy of Engineering workshop series. A fantastic team to represent #WomenInSTEM – girl power woo!

We were greeted by a great turnout of 3 teams (15 students total), who after an energiser to wake everyone up after a long school day, were raring to go. The aim of this session was for students to crystallise their aims and ideas into a few final ideas whilst developing teamwork skills and presentation skills along the way.

At the start of the workshop we discussed the utility of assigning team roles and rotating these so that everyone gets experience with different responsibilities. Natacha and Becky braved the class critique in demonstrations of “good” and “bad” presenting. The teams recapped the context and persona of the end users to their devices, before working on settling on a final design. The session culminated in the teams delivering a 1-minute elevator pitch of their final idea – not an easy task, but one which the students rose to brilliantly!

The session ended with a lot of excitement and eagerness in the room, as we look forward to the prototyping phase of the workshop series.

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