Talks at Essence’s annual Earth Week 2020

March 23, 2020
The Community Air Pollution Sensor Project – 2020/2021
October 8, 2020

PPL PWR was invited to give a 1-hour talk as a guest speaker at Essence’s annual EARTH WEEK (20-25 April 2020). Lauren Uba, Josh Bailey and James Molkenthin shared their insights during a session titled “Sustainability Now, but How?”.

They covered many aspects of sustainability, from the micro to the macro: Molkie (aka James) gave tips on living sustainably as an individual and consumer, Lauren discussed potential actions for communities, organisations and businesses,a nd Josh explored sustainable action from the perspective of researchers, government and on a global level.

They gave some examples of what is happening now but also some future prospects and likely areas of focus regarding sustainability.

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