The PEA Awards 2016!

PPL PWR @ Valley Fest ’16
October 2, 2016
And the winner is… SUSTAINABILITY IDEAS AWARD 2016
January 10, 2017

Friday night saw PPL PWR head to Brighton for the PEA awards; a celebration of heroes and their companies making the world a better and greener place – And we had managed to get tickets!

The backdrop to this year’s events was the Brighton West Piers, its burnt out wrekage a reminder of the potential consequences if we don’t pursue the green revolution. It was hosted at the British Airways i360 Tower on the sea front, with the theme of the event being bright colours and African and Indian print – it was the perfect time to get my Ugandan shirt and my harem pants out of the Attic!

Chauffeur driven from London to Brighton in the Big Lemon Bus, a company who converts chip fat oil into biodiesel, we met some super cool people, Ash from Snact, who take fruits too big, too small or too ugly and bake them into delicious ‘fruit jerky’; two ladies from ClientEarth, who recently took the UK Government to court for failure to uphold EU limits of Nitrous Dioxide, and Kate Holbrook of Turtle Doves who take commercial cast-off of cashmere and repurpose them into all sorts of clothing, but to name a few.

Arriving at the Tower we received drinks and ice lolly sticks. Though without their flavourful, fruity counterparts the sticks did get us a free ‘flight’ up the Tower, which offers spectacular views over the beachfront and landscape of Brighton from about 450ft up, before descending below and allowing us out into the subterranean main event.

An array of vegan food was provided, the Bison beer flowed and I was soon in various discussions, switching between my PPL PWR hat and Comp-A-Tent hat and chatting with musicians like Graham, the ladies of Marvellous Superfoods and a number of fabulous individuals and creatives making positive impacts in the world.

As the lights dimmed, founder Jarvis Smith opened the ceremony in his brightly coloured wares with;

“Our award categories represent the pillars required by a functional society. When they’re done well, we won’t just survive – we’ll thrive.”

Followed by Green Party MP for Brighton, Caroline Lucas, who provided food for thought on today’s political climate.

In no time we were off, 15 Awards to hand out, covering categories as broad as ‘Health’ and ‘Food’, to specifics like ‘Best in South West’ – who doesn’t like a rhyme?

As it transpires, we had managed to rub shoulders with many of the winners, who would be taking home awesome one-of-a-kind canvas produced from a up and coming graffitti artist from Brighton – they looked pretty sweet!

As the awards show overran, we feared Amanda and I would miss the bus – running around for coats, by thr time we reached the road, there was no sign of a yellow bus!

Fearing we’d missed it, we rang the driver, only to find he was happy to stay later at the venue. We eventually figured out why…

He was collecting the bloody ‘Transport’ awards for his company, the Big Lemon bus!

So not only did we go home on a bus full of winners, even the bus driver had an award!

Thanks to Jarvis and the PEA Awards for a great night, and we can’t wait to work alongside them again this year, and who know’s, maybe my dream to host them next year will come true!

Nominations for the 2017 PEA Awards are now open, closing 31st August 2017.

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