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Sustainable Friends

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The Camden Clean Air Initiative is a non-profit action group aiming to reduce air pollution across the borough of Camden.

They work with four key groups across the borough: households, workplaces, schools, and hospitality businesses. They provide these groups with the support they need to implement real change and listen to what it is that they need to work towards a cleaner future. Camden Clean Air also works alongside larger stakeholders within the borough, such as the Camden Council, to implement structural and policy change, as well as focus on the bigger picture aims and challenges. They believe that it is only by working together as a community, from the smallest coffee shop to the largest landowners, that they will be able to make a difference.


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UCell are a team of PhD students, lecturers and industrial partners based in the Electrochemical Innovation Lab in UCL working on electricity production from hydrogen.

The team’s aim is to bring future energy technologies into the present day by actively powering events around the country.

UCell is also dedicated to engaging with the public; providing a unique opportunity for people to see and touch technologies that will play a vital part in near-future energy production.


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We believe that festivals need not cost the earth.

Comp-A-Tent is a 100% compostable tent, designed for festival-goers that leaves nothing but water, CO2 and humus – a nutrient rich soil, not the tasty food.

We are building a business that takes on the responsibility of finding the means to allow our customers to truly engage in the festival spirit, without the burden of a long lasting cost to the earth.


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Navitron is one of the UK’s leaders in renewable technology, we have over ten years experience in the solar sector, providing our customers across the country with dependable green solutions that not only save money, but also reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

Specialising in solar thermal systems to heat water, solar PV panels to generate electricity and heat pumps and biomass boilers to keep your home warm – we’ve got your utilities covered.
At Navitron, we strive to offer top quality products and hassle-free installations that can help you start saving money right away.


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Seacourt is a pioneer and World leader in environmental printed communications.

Based in Oxford, ISO14001 and EMAS accredited since 1999, carbon neutral since 2001 and powered by 100% renewable energy, Seacourt is a three time recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the World’s first zero waste to landfill printing company.

We’ve recently developed LightTouchTM – a World first printing process that combines water-free printing with LED instant drying to provide the most environmentally sympathetic form of mass communication there is.

From business stationery to corporate communications of the highest quality Seacourt is the only Company doing it without damaging the environment.


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Camplight is an independent campsite within a boundary at an event. Camplight rents out the standard camp equipment set up, ready and waiting for you when you arrive. As our prices suggest, we are not Glamping or Boutique; we’re just a piece of common sense, among the creative craziness of the brilliant festivals that we serve.
To book with Camplight you need to buy your festival tickets first. Then place your order with us here.
We provide some basic facilities outlined on “our Facilities” page. Our Campsites are always carefully located to be close to the action so that if you book with us you won’t lose that sought after location. We also offer group bookings and guest pitches so that even if you arrive after the event starts you will not lose that location with your mates near the action. Whether you are a family, a chiller or a hedonist we do our best to group you together.
So don’t stress, just click your tent and travel light with just a weekend bag by foot, on bike, bus or train; have the holiday you deserve!


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Encycled is developing a new way of providing promotional textiles for business events, conferences and festivals. By removing and re-printing branding, items such as T-shirts can be re-used leading to measurable reductions in waste, CO2 and water consumption. Companies save money while demonstrating a more sustainable way of promoting their business and inspiring end users to reduce their own environmental footprint. Encycled is a business that started life at the inaugural 2017 UNLEASH Innovation Lab held in Denmark and winner of Climate KICs London City Challenge for circular fashion.

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Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem for individuals and organisations to design sustainable solutions to complex urban food, water and waste challenges. Encouraging creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play, it incubates ideas that make food systems more productive and resilient, and that can put more natural and healthy food on our tables.

We take the best from permaculture thinking, from small scale production, from experimentation, and from science and technology and design productive food systems that make the world a better place. We believe in experimentation and play; we believe in challenging what people do today; we believe that we can design away our problems; we believe in building human-scale systems.

We have built a workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration and we are filling it with food entrepreneurs and thinkers that want to build better systems.

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Wander Inn

The Wander Inn project documents the journey of converting a Transit called from Frank into a campervan home. Providing insight, tips and a ‘how to’ guide about the highs and lows of camper van conversion in the UK and the adventures the lifestyle involves.

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SEAD reimagine and reshape the future through critical inquiry and hands-on experimentation. To achieve this, they develop paradigm-shifting projects in which ecology, technology and community are radically integrated in unique ways.

SEAD was initiated in 2009 by Angelo Vermeulen (and Tine Holvoet), later joined by Diego Maranan and Pieter Steyaert. Since its inception, SEAD created more than 30 Biomodd and Seeker art projects, together with local communities in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Besides Biomodd and Seeker, its most well-known projects, the SEAD collective has initiated many other projects such as H4aC, Orahory, Haplós, the Merapi Terraforming Project and the Biodiversity Tower. In London, active projects include the award-winning Gaia sustainability boat where natural building and innovative off-grid technology courses have engaged canal-side communities across the capital.