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September 17, 2018
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March 13, 2019

In Spring 2018, PPL PWR was given an Ingenious Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering to bringing engineering into schools in East London while raising awareness of sustainable issues and technologies.

What is an Ingenious Award?

Ingenious is a public engagement awards scheme which funds exciting projects which aim to bring the joys of engineering to the attention of the public in innovative ways. The scheme wants to bring the voices of engineers into the centre of society to help solve some of the big problems humanity face and to inspire the next generation of diverse engineering minds. For a list of 2018 Ingenious Awardees (including us!) click here.

What is PPL PWR going to do with the Ingenious Award?

PPL PWR is determined to inspire the next generation to live more sustainably and empower them to take their futures into their own hands. We are designing a workshop series which will give students the opportunity to tackle a sustainability-based problem, design their own solution (by creating a product) and to take their product through prototyping and manufacture. In a world in which creativity can often be stifled by an emphasis on perfection, we want to give them the opportunity to try and fail and try again, learning to accept failure as a first step to success.

How is the project progressing so far?

At the moment, the PPL PWR team is busy developing workshop material, receiving training from University College London (UCL) Institute of Education and Brilliant Club and gaining classroom experience by writing and delivering free-to-school trial workshops. Click here find out how our first trial workshop about wind energy went and here to find out what students thought about it. There is also a companion app to the workshops being developed in a collaboration with Engineering Without Borders at UCL.

Do you know a school that would be interested in our free-to-school workshops?

Are you interested in joining the PPL PWR team?

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