About Us

Who are we?

In a sentence, we are an collective whose aim is to promote sustainable technologies and innovations, through empowering our members to change the world in ways they believe will make for a greener, healthier, happier world.

PPL PWR is a collective of humans, supporting each other to make the change they want to see – to share what they are passionate about and to inspire others to take communal action to make the world better.

The aim of the collective is to inform and inspire people to engage with this research and create a space for both individuals and groups to share knowledge with each other. We also provide opportunities for those involved to demonstrate and educate the public in a fun and engaging manner at festivals and other events. We exist to create a greener world through the power of knowledge.

Our Vision 

To empower people to make a greener, healthier and happier world.


Society is better for having strong, empowered individuals – not to act in isolation, but to BUILD GREAT, BEAUTIFUL THINGS TOGETHER.

We Are: