COP26 Sustainable Finance Panel

The COP26 Pupil Power Roadshow
November 6, 2021
Reflecting on the Pupil Power Roadshow at COP26
January 24, 2022

PPL PWR has been working closely with ShareAction to deliver a panel about sustainable finance, an often overlooked but critical aspect in the fight to keep warming below 2C.

Financial institutions have the monetary power to shape many industries, including fossil fuels and renewables, hence many consumers want to ensure their pensions, investments, or savings are driving social good. But the financial system is a complex world of bankers, financiers, insurers, fund managers, asset managers (the list goes on and on) meaning how our money is used, when we’re not looking, is not always obvious. At PPL PWR we believe knowledge is power. Our panel aims to demystify this baffling world, empowering all consumers out there to take actions that ensure their money is supporting, and not hindering, efforts to create a greener, healthier, happier world. 

Working in collaboration with a group of UKSSN students, we will be asking the most important questions to those at the forefront of sustainable finance from ShareAction, The Centre of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge, Scottish Widows, Triodos Bank and Divest Strathclyde

You can stream the panel live (below) this Sunday (7th Nov) 2:30-3:30 pm 

You can check out our sustainable finance panel here at 14:30 (Sunday 7th)

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