“DIY Renewables” Workshops at Community Links

Computer Aided Design – St Paul’s Way Trust
November 21, 2019
Solar DIY Workshops
January 4, 2020

The “DIY Renewables” Workshop series, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, comprised three different projects. The four workshops organised at Community Links in London were one of them. Whereas in the other two projects where PPL PWR worked directly with schools, the goal this time was to offer their knowledge on renewable energies to the youth of this East London neighbourhood and widen the outreach.

On four Saturdays in October and November 2019, a wide public composed of families and other residents from the neighbourhood took part to a 4-hour interactive DIY session. Each workshop tackled a specific topic and was led by a subject matter expert:

1 Solar energy

The participants received a brief introduction to solar energy, and a basic understanding of the theory around solar PV. They built a functional DIY Solar PV and took it with them after the session.

2 Bioenergy

The participants were introduced to the theory and benefits of bio-fuels followed by a hands-on activity where they built a terrarium.

3- Wind energy

The participants learned about the theory and benefits of wind turbines. They then built small wind turbines out of recyclables.

4 Battery storage

The participants were introduced to the theory and benefits of different storing options and learned how different materials change the outcome of the battery. They tested and played with different kinds of batteries, even with small cars using hydrogen fuel cells.

The enthusiasm and commitment of the participants was energising to see. Many of them came to all four sessions.

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