PPL PWR Plans for 2018

The PPL PWR Roadshow 2018
February 14, 2018
Volunteer at Brainchild Festival 2018
March 22, 2018

What does 2018 have in store for PPL PWR?

UCL Green Lab Tour – March
Following on from our fantastic article from Jon we’ve landed ourselves a guided tour of the co-working space and its green-growing techniques. Based in London, we will be meeting and travelling over as a group, or you can meet us there. Dates TBC.

Event details will be updated on the events page on Facebook – please click ‘Going’ to be kept up-to-date.

Seacourt, Eco-Printers Tour – October
Long-time partners of PPL PWR, Seacourt, are an Oxford based printing company that has won numerous Queens Awards for Innovation in their pursuit to be a circular economy printers. (We had an article last year all about it).

We will have room for around 9 PPL PWR PPL to catch a ride to Oxford for this glorious day out into the Academic Heartlands of the UK – a Facebook event is available here to secure your place and keep informed of the event.


Green Labs Post Trip Social – March
Just a cosy pub discussion of what we’ve seen that day, and all kinds of discussions and sharing of sustainable ideas, somewhere in London, for those that both do, and do not, attend the day trip itself.

** PPL PWR FST ** – May
In preparation for the Festival Season 2018, PPL PWR Presents… PPL PWR FST, featuring all your favourite artists (from Spotify…)

A 2-day extravaganza wherein we build all the equipment we need for the PPL PWR Festival Roadshow!


Ah festivals, the very place the original founders met and where we love to share our sustainability knowledge. We’re looking for new ideas of installations and exhibits, as well as volunteers engage with the public and spread knowledge.

Imperial Festival – 28-29th April
Part of Imperial College London, this will be in London, and opening our 2018 season! Facebook event here.

Brainchild 2018 – 13-15th July
A unique festival focused on the arts and new talent, set in the Sussex countryside, and our 3rd time at the festival. We would love to bring new toys to this event and we always need volunteers for set-up, during and take-down. Facebook event here.

Bloomsbury Festival – October
In the heart of London, on the UCL Campus, this event rounds of the year and if our DIY equipment is still working at this event, then we’ve dome exceptionally well!

In discussions with…

  • Womad
  • Latitude
  • Off Grid
  • Wilderness
  • Green Man Festival
  • Shambala

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