Celebration – Presentation by the Students of their final outputs of the RAEng Project
February 15, 2020
Talks at Essence’s annual Earth Week 2020
April 28, 2020

The PPL PWR Social Club (SCL CLB) is a daily, digital event space for the PPL PWR community, ensuring no one feels alone or isolated as we spend more time at home.

One of the key philosophies at the core of PPL PWR is the belief that,

Society is better for having strong, empowered individuals – not to act in isolation, but to build beautiful things, together.

‘Cos when crap hits the fan, we either have each other, or we have nothing!

The SCL CLB is a great way to check in with each other, keep up to-date and find out what each of us is working on and doing to stay healthy and happy!

Each day, a member will take the reins, leading a 15-20 minute activity on one of a wide varieties of topics – with a schedule released on the Sunday of each week.

We’ve got Group Meditation, Chinese myths, Games sessions, Energetic Gym class, talks from leading Green Energy researchers and neurologists from UCL, as well as language introduction classes to Mandarin, Finnish and Japanese.

With an indefinite schedule ahead of us, we’re are keen to collaborate with anyone who has a passion, topic or skills to share in a 15 minute session – contact Molkie to get involved.

Check out what’s happening this week and get the dial-in link here!

Here’s what’s coming up in Week 1:

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