The Community Air Pollution Sensor Project – 2020/2021

Talks at Essence’s annual Earth Week 2020
April 28, 2020
PPL PWR & Covid-19
October 23, 2020

PPL PWR, in response to growing concerns surrounding air pollution in London, have teamed up with the Camden Clean Air Initiative to tackle air pollution in Camden.

Air pollution in Camden, like much of London, exceeds that of the World Health Organisation air quality standards. Although many measures are being taken to both monitor and reduce air pollution in the borough, there are still areas for improvement. It is particularly challenging to collect up-to-date data across the whole borough as there are only a limited number of fixed air pollution sensors across the borough.

The Community Air Pollution Sensor project, or CAPS for short, hopes to improve air pollution monitoring across the borough of Camden. The CAPS project is developing low cost, portable, open-source air pollution sensors, which will help to aid current air pollution monitoring in Camden (and beyond).

Through engagement with the local community and stakeholders, CAPS aim to involve the whole community in tackling air pollution, with a particular focus on schools. School children are at a particular risk from air pollution much of which they encounter on their journey to and from school.  

If you would like to find out more about the CAPS project and how you could get involved, please get in touch with Dr Josh Bailey,

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